About Us

As a leader in the transportation industry, We Ship Freight combines deeply discounted rates with high-quality freight shipping services. We also provide a comprehensive line of internet-based freight shipping solutions for small and medium sized businesses. As an online freight brokerage, we are one of the most dynamic, rapidly expanding companies in the shipping industry and are headquartered in Aptos, California.

We’re not Old School Freight Brokerage

Let’s be blunt for just a moment. Despite the fact that our company operates in an industry that is primarily driven by an antiquated, “old school” mentality, we have chosen not to adhere to this path. Consequently, we feel that all of the other freight brokerages out there have it completely wrong. That’s why you will never have a problem seeing or talking to our staff members here at our website. Consequently, our goal has always been to be as transparent as possible to our clients while developing long-term relationships.

We Ship Freight strives to work together with our clients in collective fashion in order for us to know one another better. This will enable us to know your business and determine the right freight shipping solutions for you. The goal is for your company and our company to work together in order to improve your business and increase your levels of efficiency while reducing your operating costs in the process. It follows then that our staff members are continually involved in the improvement of our processes and systems. We have a number of clients that have been with us for many years. Not only do they consider us as a valuable business partner, they also consider us friends.

Company Culture

We Ship Freight was established years ago and is currently headquartered in Aptos, CA. We have been extremely active in this community and have drawn from it continually as our primary talent source when developing a resourceful and skilled team of professionals. Our employees maintain a passionate and positive attitude about the work they perform for this company. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for the brightest, most intelligent people to hire and add to our team. As a result, our clients have a better overall experience while our staff members are always engaging and passionate about serving our client database. Call us today to know more about our services and prices. Allow us to assist you with your shipping requirements.