From lost packages to high shipping costs, we’ve all experienced supply chain shortfalls. While it may not be obvious to the consumer, players in the supply chain and freight transportation are all still relying on technology built in the 1970s called EDI to conduct standard business operations – costing businesses time and money, and ultimately inflating costs for consumers.

project44 is a progressive tech company led by freight industry experts who knew there was a better way to transmit data from shippers and third party logistics providers (3PLs) to carriers, besides the EDI connectivity and static rate bureaus that was created decades ago.

project44 is changing this old industry norm through web services APIs, a technology that allows for instant communication from one computer to another in real-time. It’s the same technology that brought online shopping to the retail industry and applications like Uber and Facebook to smart phones. It has transformed industries before and it’s transforming the freight industry now through project44.

By writing one simple API connection to project44, shippers and 3PLs are able to instantly connect with carriers to pull relevant transportation data in real-time. project44’s core services include Freight APIs for:

  • Rating – displays carriers’ rate quotes for shippers and 3PLs in seconds.
  • Dispatch – automatically adds pick-up requests into a carrier’s system.
  • Tracking – allows access to instantly updated shipment statuses at any point during freight transit.
  • Image Retrieval – automatically pulls Bill of Lading, Weight & Inspection documentation and Proof of Delivery.

Contact project44 at 312-376-8883 or email to learn more about our freight technology services and pricing.